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Dependable gas power delivers for Azores pig farmer
2013-12-26 17:26:38

Dependable gas power delivers for Azores pig farmer


2 Perkins® 4000 Series gas engines have been selected to provide power to a 3 acre pig farm in the Azores in addition to supporting the power requirements of the national grid.
Update the gas engines installed at a pig farm in the Azores. The farm waste generated is put into an Anaerobic Digestion plant, from which the gas engines, currently Perkins 4008
TESI run to supply power back to both the farm and the national grid.
Due to the reliability and efficiency of the Perkins engines over the years, Mayphil, a Perkins Gas Partner and Gas Centre of Excellence, secured the contract to update the engines to the 4008TRS2, which are reliable and are proven on biogas, natural
and landfill gas.
The system has worked so well that today, the farmer not only takes and converts the waste from his own pig farm, but also takes in waste from the fisheries, and other bio waste producers around the island, to generate gas for the regional grid.
"This project was so successful that the customer achieved payback within 24 months of installation," said Nikki Godfrey, Group Marketing Manager at Mayphil.
"The units are still running today and we support the customer in parts and labour."

Customer feedback

Our Perkins engines run at peak performance daily, and have proven to be very reliable. The spare parts we need to maintain our engines are also of very high quality. Maintenance has proven to be very easy, and as a result contributes to the high availability and quality of electrical power output. We are very pleased with Perkins engines.

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