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Considerations for buying a generator set
2017-08-28 14:19:49

There are various choice of diesel generator sets in the market, it seems difficult for people to make a clear choice when thinking about buying a diesel generator set. As a result, BS power has summed up some of the considerations for purchasing a generator set.

1. First of all, make a clear plan that the generator set is standby or in common use or for emergency, select load capacity according to different use. Except for this, make sclear about the service environment (altitude & climate) and the choice of automation function.

2. Matching the power of diesel engine and the generator: the industry generally stipulates that the diesel engine power is greater than the generator power, about 10%, but no more than 30%.                                

3. Remember that hardly any diesel generator sets can be completed independently by an enterprise alone. It’s necessary to get fully understand of the engine, generator and control system as well as their manufactures, brands, and origins so that the rating of the generator set can be comprehensively evaluated.

4. Whether the generator is good or bad is related to the voltage stability and service life of the generator set. The control system is controlled by computers preferably, it will have a good protective effect on the generator.

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