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Summer Maintenance Rules for Diesel Generator Set
2018-07-27 15:41:29

It’s hot summer now, as the temperature rises, more and more electricity is being used, and many areas will be in the state of electricity tension. As a result, many users are starting to use diesel generators as standby power. But how to make the diesel generator set safe during summer?

1.  A comprehensive inspection of the diesel generator set is necessary. Replace or clean the generator’s oil filters, diesel filters and air filters, replace the oil and antifreeze in the engine cylinder. Before starting it, check if the start-up battery voltage of the generator set is normal or not, if it’s abnormal, the generator won’t be started successfully.

2. Check and make sure that the ventilation of generator room is good, cool the generator room if condition allowed. Since the diesel generator set itself generates a large amount of heat during use, only by ensuring the temperature of the generator room can the generator set avoid having high water temperature and low oil pressure.

3.  Make proper use of closed cooling system. The cooling system should be used of high-quality coolant with anti-corrosion, anti-boiling, antifreeze and waterproof, and must be guaranteed to receive results in the use of the seal.

4.  Avoid the engine working too long under heavy load. When the engine is under heavy load, it will cause the high temperature of the coolant. Take small power car for example, some small power cars’ owners often step on the throttle to run fast and take in more things, and the air conditioner is running too long in the summer, it’s easy to cause the engine “boiling”. Therefore, when the diesel generator set needs high power operation, it’s necessary to replace it with low gear in time, in order to reduce the engine load and prevent the engine from “boiling”.

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