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Technical Questions And Answers About Diesel Generators (4)
2021-11-23 09:42:16
26. What points must be paid attention to when using diesel generator set?
1) The water in the water tank must be sufficient and kept working within the allowable temperature range.
2) The lubricating oil must be in place, but not excessive, and kept working within the allowable pressure range.
3) The frequency is stabilized at about 50HZ, and the voltage is stabilized at about 400V.
4) The three-phase currents are all within the rated range.
27. Which parts of the diesel generator set need to be replaced or cleaned frequently?
Answer: Diesel filter, oil filter, air filter. (Individual units also have water filters)
28. What are the main advantages of brushless generators?
(1) Exempt the maintenance of carbon brushes;
(2) Anti-radio interference;
(3) Reduce the loss of magnetic failure.
29. What is the general insulation grade of domestic generators?
Answer: The domestic machine is B-class; the marathon brand machine, the Leroy Somer brand machine and the Stamford brand machine are H-class.
30. What kind of gasoline engine fuel needs to be mixed with gasoline and engine oil?
Answer: Two-stroke gasoline engine.
31. Which six systems are included in the basic equipment of a diesel generator set?
(1) Oil lubrication system;
(2) Fuel system;
(3) Control and protection system;
(4) Cooling and heat dissipation system;
(5) Exhaust system;
(6) Starting system;
32. Why do we try our best to recommend customers to use the engine oil recommended by our company in our sales work?
Answer: Engine oil is the blood of the engine. Once the customer uses unqualified engine oil, it will cause serious accidents such as bearing shell seizure, gear toothing, crankshaft deformation and fracture, until the whole machine is scrapped.
33. Why do I need to change the oil and oil filter after using the new machine for a period of time?
Answer: During the running-in period of the new machine, it is inevitable that impurities will enter the oil pan, causing physical or chemical changes in the oil and the oil filter.
34. Why do we require customers to incline the exhaust pipe 5-10 degrees downward when installing the unit?
Answer: To prevent rainwater from entering the smoke exhaust pipe, leading to major accidents.
35. Generally, diesel engines are equipped with manual oil pumps and exhaust bolts. What are their functions? Answer: It is used to remove the air in the fuel pipe before starting.

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